Your one stop shop for 100Devs past follow-along materials!

     This site is dedicated to making it easy for the #Catch-upCrew to find the follow-along materials, the homework, and the class files instead of having to rummage through all of the newer discord messages. Which, if you're not in the discord: you should join! Join here. Please note I (Dekota) am not endorsed by, affiliated with, or sponsored by 100Devs or Leon, I merely had difficulty easily finding the class materials and homework for older classes and figured if I had trouble others would too. So I wanted to help others and make it easier for everyone who may not be caught up in the live classes. Read Full Disclaimer Here. With that said, the only non-100Devs links on this website are the link to this project's GitHub page in the footer, the 'Email Me' in the footer for if you have any issues or ideas related to the project, the 'files' link on every class page which go to my google drive that hosts the files provided on the discord, and the 'Other Projects by Dekota' page in the menu if you want to see more projects by me. Everything else directs you directly to 100Devs and Leon's official resources and this website is in no way monetized and never will be. I mention this to maintain 100% transparency about me, Dekota, and this website.