Class 26: Build A Simple App Using APIs! Beginner Friendly!

Here are the slides if you would like to follow-along live: link.

Also, the files you’ll need for class / homework are below! Don't forget to unzip the folder! Here


Submit your homework:Nothing to Submit
Due Class 28:
  • Do: Make the cocktailDB api work with spaces between the names!
  • Do: Find three APIs and build three simple apps using those APIs
    (Not all of these work, but it is a start:
  • Do: Codewars Daily!
  • Do: Anki Daily!
Want to push?
  • Do: Make a rotating list of drinks (an automatic carousel) from the cocktailDB
  • Do: Make the NASA API handle all the data types including video
  • Do: Add an API to your portfolio website
  • Do: A 7kyu Codewars
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